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We are broadly studying environmental psychology and relation between architectural space/place and people's behavior.

Information for applicants to Graduate School

Based on our experience so far, we have decided that those who have graduated from overseas universities should start as research students by following the procedure below.

Those who wish to be research students of Oi Lab.: 
I have received a large number of emails and cannot reply individually. Also, research students cannot accept all applicants. Before applying, we make a selection based on Japanese language ability and research plan. If you would like to accept in April 2022, please be sure to prepare the following items after April 1, 2022 before official application. We will only reply to those who may be accepted by the application deadline.
- CV
-  Research plan (Proposal of specific contents for research students and master's programs. Be sure to include background / purpose and research method. Include English AND at least one Japanese papers in citations) Academic papers in/from Japan must be referred.
- Possibility of visit
- For international students, proof of Japanese proficiency (equivalent to Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test) (It is essential to be able to submit a certificate equivalent to N1 at the time of application) 

Those who have graduated from university education in English could be exempt from submitting proof of Japanese proficiency, HOWEVER, if your research plan is about human centric design, you must investigate people’s needs or evaluation on the environment in Japan. In this case, Japanese language ability is required when you study in Japan. It depends on your research proposal.

An article of Oi Lab's research is appeared on Kyushu University website.